Friday, April 16, 2010

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2010 Registration Online is Now Open

If you had tried registering on-line for the 10k AND either the FULL or the HALF marathon for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2010, you may have encountered some problems.

The system may have prompted your second entry as a 'duplicate application'.
Unfortunately its something technical that has been set in the on-line system and cannot be changed for this year.

The easy way out of it is to register under a slightly different name, as in the para below. Many of us have already registered for both, the 10k & FULL marathon.
( By the way, if you are thinking of registering as "Haile Gebrselassie" - forget it..... I have already done so....haha! )

See ya @ GC.......


The Gold Coast Marathon is now open. Click here to register

The Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2010 registration is open. The website is:

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