Thursday, June 3, 2010

12hr Walkathon, Malacca

Note Dec 11 down in your calendar and take the walk challenge in Malacca. Inform your friends and look out for the entry forms. More details will soon be out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

J&J Beyond The Comfort Zone 2007

Beyond The Comfort Zone! This is the most memorable project. Team Work, Fun, Laughter, Tears and Challenging routes ..... my ex colleagues had 6 months of training provided by the company. The moment all of us went through and share their experiences. Each every individual has their story to tell.... View this short clippings ....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blister Shield Powder for Sale!

Price per 8 oz tub : RM 42.00

Charity :
RM 10.00 from sale will be channel to the Happiness Centre for The Mentally Disabled Children, Klebang Kecil, Malacca

Johnson & Johnson Charity Hunt 2010

J&J 2010 - Open_Closed Category

Friday, April 16, 2010

Run For Cause

The Happiness Centre For The Mentally Disabled Children, Malacca.
This home was established in July 2000 and is a home for the mentally disabled children ranging from 1 year to 33 years old of various races. Most of the children have multiple disabilities ranging from cerebral palsy, polio, paralysis, speech impairment, Down Syndrome and other mental disorders.

The children were either abandoned at hospitals or come from poor families who do not have the means to meet their special needs. There are currently 35 children at the home. The centre does not charge any fee for looking after the children. They employ 10 caretakers and every inch of the house which the centre occupies is used either for beds / mattresses or storage of food...etc.

Currently, the home needs a refrigerator desperately as the old one is out of order and cannot be repaired anymore. Part of the home ceiling are going to tear apart, rats have ripped and make holes on it, cracked walls need to be cemented, etcs.
Watch the short video below which i have taken during my visit on May 8.

This year i will be participating the following races to raise funds for the home. I wish you will be able to come forward to do your bit for charity. I will appreciate you could contribute a mininum RM30 to the home on any of the below races i will be running. Thank you.

May 16
May 29
June 27
July 3
July 4
Sept 5
Sept 26
Oct 9
Oct 30-31
Nov 21
Dec 5
Dec 11-12
Dec 26

NB 15km, Kuala Lumpur
Adidas Sundown Marathon - 84km, Singapore
Standard Chartered Marathon, Kuala Lumpur
Southern Cross University Run, 10km Gold Coast
Gold Coast Airport Marathon, Australia
Great Scottish 21km Run, Glasgow
Newton 25km /12 km Challenge, Kuala Lumpur
North Face 100 Challenge - 50km Duo, Singapore
Ultra Marathon 140km 'Kuala Lumpur - Malacca'
Penang Bridge International Marathon, Penang
Standard Chartered Marathon, Singapore
12hr Walkathon, Malacca
McRitchie 25 Ultra Marathon, Singapore [TBC]

Cheque Issued To :
Happiness Centre for the Mentally Disabled Children Pusat Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Bahagia

Post To :
4803-C, Jalan Anggerik 1, Taman Anggerik Klebang Kecil, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Remarks : Behind the cheque, please state 'Amelia-Run For Cause'

For further enquiries, please contact:
Roy Collar / Nancy @ 06 - 3364561 / 06 - 3358487

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2010 Registration Online is Now Open

If you had tried registering on-line for the 10k AND either the FULL or the HALF marathon for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2010, you may have encountered some problems.

The system may have prompted your second entry as a 'duplicate application'.
Unfortunately its something technical that has been set in the on-line system and cannot be changed for this year.

The easy way out of it is to register under a slightly different name, as in the para below. Many of us have already registered for both, the 10k & FULL marathon.
( By the way, if you are thinking of registering as "Haile Gebrselassie" - forget it..... I have already done so....haha! )

See ya @ GC.......


The Gold Coast Marathon is now open. Click here to register

The Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2010 registration is open. The website is:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Running God of Prosperity

Gong Xi Fa Cai! The Running God of Prosperity from Singapore.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2010

Mohan is no stranger in the marathon field. He always inspire, encourage and support slow runners to the finishing line. Besides that, he has been doing fund raising for charity. He is the one man we should look high on and salute him. His mission is to complete 100 marathons by Dec 2010. Todate, he has completed 85. Another 15 to go. Mohan Boleh!

"I have run the Gold Coast Airport Marathon every year since 2005. The event will be held on 3 & 4 July 2010. It is a really good marathon if you would like to do a personal best or simply have a fun!

In fact, the event is getting to be bigger and better every year.
There is a full time team at Queensland Events that is involved with the marathon.
Big names like Air Asia X are also involved.
Air Asia X flies directly from KL to Gold Coast Airport - think it would be most convenient for Malaysian runners.

This year's event is slightly different from previous years as there is a 10k run on Saturday followed by the Full & Half marathons on Sunday. There is also a Kids Dash on Sunday. If you are thinking "Is it possible to do both runs?" - trust me - no problems at all....
You may even consider running the 10k with your wife and older kids on Saturday ....
and then get "cheered on" during the Sunday's marathon!

The supporters are really lively and I am sure that you will enjoy every bit of the marathon. There will be many first time marathoners as well."

By K. Mohan

Jom! let's do it. I am sure some have already booked the flight ticket and prepare for the race. To those who have not, it's still not too late to make your flight booking with Air Asia as its reasonable and convenient.

Anyway, don't miss the Gold Coast flat and scenic course which takes you to the golden surf beaches of Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Burleigh Heads and glistening Southport Broadwater.

Click on their official website for more details.

See you there!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rebel City To Surf, Perth - Take The Challenge!

Here's the first official Rebel Sport City to Surf for Activ newsletter for 2010. Make this year’s City to Surf one of your dream to run in the year of the Tiger ! To get yourself inspired and run for a good cause, check out their details below.

Visit their website for up to date event information as it is released.

Registrations for the 2010 event is now open. Visit to register now!

Dont miss this challenging run! Trust me, you will love it. I did it last year because Air Asia make it possible for me

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

My dream in the Year of the Tiger is to run The Terry Fox Run in Canada.

This post is actually an entry for THE TIGER RUN organised by Nuffnang & Tiger Beer. For more info, please click HERE.

The Terry Fox Run is run around the world every year to raise money for cancer research. It is non-competitive with no winners or awards, just people joining to raise money for cancer research.

We even have on in Kuala Lumpur. But my dream is to run it in Canada, where it all started - The Marathon of Hope.

Now, who is this Terry Fox fellow, you might ask.

Terrance Stanley "Terry" Fox, CC (July 28, 1958 – June 28, 1981) was a Canadian humanitarian, athlete, and cancer treatment activist.

He became famous for the Marathon of Hope, a cross-Canada run to raise money for cancer research, which Fox ran with one prosthetic leg.

He is considered one of Canada's greatest heroes and is celebrated internationally every September as people participate in the Terry Fox Run, the world's largest one-day fundraiser for cancer research.

After 18 months and running over 5,000 kilometres (3,107 miles) to prepare, Terry started his run in St. John’s, Newfoundland on April 12, 1980 with little fanfare.

Although it was difficult to garner attention in the beginning, enthusiasm soon grew, and the money collected along his route began to mount. He ran 42 kilometres (26 miles) a day through Canada's Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Ontario.

However, on September 1st, after 143 days and 5,373 kilometres (3,339 miles), Terry was forced to stop running outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario because cancer had appeared in his lungs. An entire Canada was stunned and saddened. Terry passed away on June 28, 1981 at the age 22.

The heroic Canadian was gone, but his legacy was just beginning.

To date, more than $400 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry's name through the annual Terry Fox Run, held across Canada and around the world.

Terry Fox's story has inspired millions of people in this world. I am also one of them. I have always been a supporter for Terry Fox Run.

My photo appeared in The Star newspapers, running in the KL Terry Fox Run in 2001. Since then, I have been supporting the run annually.

I have also roped in my colleagues and friends to join me in the Terry Fox run in Kuala Lumpur.

I see a ferocious TIGER in the FOX. :) Pun intended. Heheh!

Terry Fox's determination and fighting spirit can be compared to to that of a Tiger. He fought fearlessly for Cancer Research! He physically endured pain and suffering for a great cause. He inspired us with the example of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

I have the upmost admiration of Terry Fox. That is why I my dream in the Year of Tiger is to run The Terry Fox Run in Canada. It will be my tribute to him.

So, Tiger Beer and Nuffnang, please... please...please make my dream come true. :)