Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baba at the Sundown Marathon


Aquarius said...

Here comes Baba Mohan. Look at his smiling face. He is so energetic after the ultra sundown marathon [84km] race in May 2008.

Baba! I really salute you as you have completed more than 10 marathons this year...Gold Coast, NY, San Franciso, Borneo, Ultra Sundown, North Face 100 Challenge, KL, HK, Beijing, Shanghai.. etcs. I have lost count. Maybe, you could share with me the total completion.

Aquarius said...

Baba will soon be completing his 100th marathon this year. To date, he has completed 86 marathons. He will be in Hong Kong this weekend to do the 50km Power Hike. Good luck and i know you can do it.

Aquarius said...
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